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Jennifer Kon, Travel Expert
Call Me: 614-454-1442
Email: jen@compasstravelagency.com

Why Work With Me?

I was born to travel.  I had already taken a transatlantic flight and had my own passport before I was two years old…and I haven’t stopped traveling since!

In addition to traveling to many of the most popular destinations myself, I also work closely with many of the top travel hotels, resorts, and cruise lines.  I’ll use my training and certifications to keep you informed of the newest trends and latest deals.  By sharing my firsthand knowledge of the most popular destinations, I’ll make sure your vacation is truly memorable.

As my motto says, I’m an expert at helping you find the right type of vacation in the right location.  I specialize in the leading tropical destinations, European vacations, and cruises for honeymoons and more.  Interested in staying closer to home?  There are tons of great places throughout the United States and Canada for exciting or relaxing trips.

Unlike impersonal travel booking websites, I’ll go above and beyond to make sure all your needs are met and all your questions are answered. That’s personal attention you won’t find anywhere else.



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